• Product name: MOS3000 Online Data Analysis Software


    Easy operation


Tree structure, clearly display equipment, measuring point, DAQ definition and so on.


    Luxuriant analysis graphs



More than 20 kinds of graphs for vibration analysts: time waveform, multi time waveform, spectrum, multi spectrum, envelope demodulation, cepstrum and so on.


    Easy to maintenance


C/S framework design make it easy to login, self-diagnostic function, record data transmission process, sensors working status and alarm setup.


    Four levels alarm setup



Adopt four levels alarm setup, once exceeding the thresholds, the measuring point will give warning as well as SMS, email and alarm message push on APP.


    Plenty of index monitoring



Kurtosis, crooked, margin, frequency band energy, failure frequency energy and other more than 400 index are used to monitor exception machines.



    Remote upgrade



Remote upgrade is available and easy operation