• Product name: RH505 Wireless Accelerometer


    Built-in antenna


Wireless antenna is designed inside the sensor, greatly improve its reliability.


    Integration and intelligent design



Integrate vibration and temperature measurement synchronously, data measurement, processing and transmission all be done by itself.


    High anti-hazard classification, low consumption


Explosion proof certificate, be suitable for Zone 0; 3 years battery lifetime with standard measurement strategy.


    Intelligent self-adaptive data measurement strategy



Data measurement interval is adjusted automatically to measure more data once detecting data with machine failure.


    High resolution data measurement capability



128K time waveform measurement and 2M long time waveform measurement, precision analysis.


    High frequency wireless transmission, extend monitoring distance.



ZIGBEE transmission protocol, quick response and high frequency band, strong antijamming capability, no conflict with the existing wireless communication devices. long distances data transmission according to real industrial conditions, be suitakle for sites with scattered machines.





Frequency response range: 2-20KHz (±3dB);Measuring range: ±50g .