Situation Outlook: This year focuses on quality and efficiency of industrial restructuring

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As "Thirteen Five" the first year, 2016, the industrial transformation of how the rules and layout is very important. Minister of Industry and Information Technology Miao Wei said, to ensure the steady growth of the industrial premise, quality and efficiency will be the focus of this year China's industrial development. But how to achieve this? Through the recently held Central Economic Work Conference and the National Working Conference of Information Industry is not difficult to see that the construction of manufacturing power, improve the quality of supply industrial system, accelerate the optimization and upgrading of traditional industries is an important catch three industrial transformation .

2016 is a crucial year for China to promote the construction of manufacturing power. "By 2016, we should be based on manufacturing power, network power global strategy, efforts to promote supply-side structural reforms, in-depth implementation of the" Made in China 2025 "to promote the integration of two of the depth, and the depth of integration of military and civilian information and communication industry restructuring and development, strengthen management of the Internet network and information security, improve quality, efficiency and level of supply systems, industrial communications industry and the steady growth of quality and efficiency. "Minister of industry and Miao Wei said.

This means that, to ensure the steady growth of the industrial premise, quality and efficiency will be the focus in 2016 China's industrial development; also means a series of important measures for 2015 years launched a continuation and implementation, including the continuation of China 2025 , steady growth of industrial structural adjustment increase efficiency series of important measures, including the continued implementation of network speed drop fee "Internet +" and a number of actions concerning the overall impact of long-term priorities.

Construction and manufacturing power network power


As "Thirteen Five" the first year, 2016, the industrial transformation of how the rules and layout is very important. Minister of Industry and Miao Wei made it clear that in the recently held National Industry and Information Technology Work Conference, 2016 should be based on manufacturing power, network power overall strategy, in-depth implementation of the "Made in China 2025" to enhance the quality, efficiency and level of the supply system. Miao Wei also proposed specific development goals: strive to achieve above-scale industrial added value increased by around 6%, 4% reduction in energy consumption per unit of industrial added value to reduce water consumption by 4.5%; telecommunications, the Internet industry, software and information technology services revenues were growth of 3%, 25% and 14%.

This goal is in the structure and organization of the whole "Thirteen Five" period to the next, but also has profound practical background. At present, China's industrial run huge downward pressure, there is the economic slowdown has not hit bottom, highlights the problem of overcapacity, increasing difficulties for businesses, financial potential risks increase, and many other issues. The problem is not primarily cyclical, it is difficult to be achieved through short-term stimulus rebound. Therefore, it is necessary to do the fight a protracted war, an appropriate increase in tolerance deceleration shift, institutional strengthening and power within the life force, and strive to achieve higher-quality industry, more efficient and more sustainable development.

From this perspective, the goal of building manufacturing power and network powers will have a wealth of content. 2016 in advancing manufacturing power construction, China will focus on 10 sectors of industry segments, strengthen coordination and consultation between the provinces, to achieve differentiation and development echelon. In five major projects for traction, in the key common areas and the first breakthrough in key industries, to enhance the overall level of the manufacturing sector. In the network power construction, the Ministry will follow the implementation of the network this strategy, the National data strategy, "Internet +" overall deployment plan of action, focus on accelerating infrastructure construction, promote interoperability, promote the network of economic innovation and development, to ensure network security tasks, accelerate the promotion of information and communication industry restructuring and development.

Enhance the quality of industrial supply system


In industrial operation increased downward pressure situation, China's manufacturing industry will be based on power, network power overall strategy to enhance the quality, efficiency and level of the supply system.

China's industrial economy in the Annual Symposium, held recently, China Electronic Information Industry Association Vice President and Secretary General Zhou child learn that the supply-side reform is to increase the supply of high-end industries, should focus on the development of electronic information industry, which is the current development trend well, there is little excess capacity in the industry. Zhou child learn that the main purpose of the current supply-side reforms to improve total factor productivity, upgrading the industrial structure adjustment, and ultimately increase the supply of high-end industry. Week sub-study, said in this regard is a typical integrated circuit industry in 2014, imports of integrated circuits up to $ 218.4 billion, a serious shortage of supply, so as to supply-side reform in key development target.

In fact, the construction of manufacturing power, network power but also to enhance the quality of industrial supply system. In the Ministry's work plan 2016 also specifically mentioned, 2016 will be "to promote the implementation of the National Integrated Circuit Industry Development Platform." Moreover, in 2016 our country will implement intelligent manufacturing engineering, support high-end CNC machine tools and industrial robots, increasing material manufacturing, intelligent sensing and control, intelligent detection and assembly, intelligent logistics and warehousing of the five key equipment innovative applications. Continue to implement intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration actions, identified more than 60 new models pilot demonstration projects. Meanwhile, the Ministry this year will deepen the "Internet +" manufacturing innovation and development, further promote the integration of the two management systems, key technology development and enhance their ability to support and actively implement the national strategy for big data, increase industry information security capabilities.

Accelerate the optimization and upgrading of traditional industries


In the recently held Central Economic Work Conference, "to the production capacity," in 2016 the first of five major structural reform task. The meeting also made clear "more mergers and acquisitions, bankruptcy and liquidation less" ideas. Therefore, great efforts to resolve the overcapacity, and thus accelerate the optimization and upgrading of traditional industries, is one of the industrial transformation and upgrading of the focus in 2016 in China.

In 2016 our country will speed up the implementation of the development to promote industrial restructuring and disposal of "zombie companies" overall program coordination support the introduction of measures to uphold little more mergers bankruptcy properly resettled workers, and guide "zombie companies" smooth exit. Further optimization of corporate mergers and acquisitions market environment, actively promote breaking, strategic mergers and acquisitions. In this regard, Minister of Industry and Miao Wei said that China will be the separate measures and policies to adjust inventory, develop implementation machinery, automobiles, light industry, textiles, electronics, building materials and other key industries sub-sector facilities strategy special programs to support ailing industries to accelerate to production, de-stocking, reduce costs, achieve product upgrading and transformation converting, turn losses into profits.

Resolve the overcapacity regard, China will by strict environmental, energy, technology and other standards, the use of industrial enterprises restructuring special rewards and subsidies, increase excess industry capacity to resolve poor efforts. Carry iron and steel, cement, plate glass and other industries to resolve the overcapacity in the pilot, and strictly control new capacity, according to the law dealt with the approval wind expansion.

It is understood that, in order to continue to accelerate to adjust and optimize the industrial structure, our country in resolving overcapacity on the basis of 2016 will be the implementation of green manufacturing engineering, cleaner production, energy saving, pollution control, recycling and other important aspects, the implementation of a number of major reconstruction projects and demonstration projects. At the same time, the implementation of "all the way along the" coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and strategic industrial upgrading and transfer planning, publishing Yangtze River Economic Belt innovation-driven industrial restructuring and upgrading program, the development of key areas of industrial transfer guidelines.

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