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Smart manufacturing is the "China 2025" the main direction is an important measure to implement the strategy of manufacturing power, China's manufacturing industry is keeping up with world trends, to achieve the transformation and upgrading of the key. Intelligent Manufacturing has a strong comprehensive, not just a single application with breakthrough technology and equipment, but the manufacturing technology and the depth of integration of information technology and innovation and integration, is the change in the organization of production and business models. With the rapid development of information technology and advanced manufacturing technology, the development of the depth and breadth of intelligent manufacturing equipment rising, the initial formation of new sensors, intelligent control systems, industrial robots, automation of complete sets of production lines, represented by the intelligent manufacturing equipment industry system, a batch major intelligent manufacturing equipment with independent intellectual property rights to achieve a breakthrough, but the manufacturing sector and other key interoperability issues constraining the development of intelligent manufacturing is still not resolved, cross-industry, cross-cutting of intelligent manufacturing standardization requirements increasingly urgent.

Promoting intelligent manufacturing, standardization should take the lead. Guidance of the current and future period of time intelligent manufacturing standardization, recently, Industry and Information Technology, the National Standardization Management Committee in accordance with the "Made in China 2025" strategic plan, jointly issued the "National Intelligent Manufacturing Standard System Guide (2015 edition) "(hereinafter referred to as" "construction Guide" ").

"Construction Guide" to define the general requirements of the construction of intelligent manufacturing standard system construction ideas, content and organization of the construction embodiment, the three dimensions of the life cycle, system-level, intelligent functions such as establishing a standard system of intelligent manufacturing reference model, and thereby intelligent manufacturing proposed standard system frame including a "basic", "security" and "management", "detection and evaluation", "reliability" and other five categories based on common standards and "intelligent equipment", "smart factory", "smart service "," industrial software and big data "," Internet industry "and category 5 standards and key technologies including the" Made in China 2025 standard application "in the field, including 10 applications in different industries. To facilitate business see "Building Guide" on the existing intelligent manufacturing standards according to "common basis", the "key technology" and "key industries" for the sorting, building smart from the "5 + 5 + 10" class standard composition manufacturing standards framework, establish a dynamic mechanism to improve the standard system, and gradually form a strong intelligent manufacturing standards support.

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the State Standardization Administration jointly develop and publish standard Intelligent Manufacturing System Guide, mainly based on the following considerations:
First, provide the basis for intelligent manufacturing of national standards and industry standards project."Construction Guide" is a guide for some time intelligent manufacturing based on national standards and industry standards and revision of the project, but also for intelligent manufacturing standards for the fundamental basis of scientific management. Intelligent Manufacturing standardization work involves a number of industries, a number of technical fields. Based on "Construction Guide" the relevant requirements, our fully integrated manufacturing and the overall layout of the development of a new generation of information technology industry, the timely revision of intelligent manufacturing standards in line with China's national conditions for the industry to provide support.

Second, it helps promote the settlement of the manufacturing sector interoperability, cross-industry standardization of cross-cutting issues. "Construction Guide" fully integrated into the general basis, the key technology and application of standards and key industries closely related to intelligent manufacturing, and has been developed to develop a comprehensive standard carding, to focus on areas of strength in manufacturing, taking into account the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries as the starting point, in accordance with the "common stand first, urgently first" principle, mainly for cross-cutting, cross-industry standard class systems integration, through an integrated standard resources, optimize the structure of the standard, focused on solving data currently encountered in the work to promote intelligent manufacturing integration interconnection and other infrastructure bottlenecks.

The third is clearly based on national conditions, the concept of open cooperation."Construction Guide" based on a weak foundation of intelligent manufacturing standards, industry uneven development and other characteristics, fully consider the applicability of the standard, highlighting China's national conditions suitable for standard setting and industrialization; part of "Building Guide" for German industry to fully draw 4.0 standardization and related Internet content American industry, with advanced manufacturing national and international reference Organisation for Standardisation, promote the relevant standards rose to international standards. International standards, it must also be suitable for the development of China's manufacturing timely into national standards, and strive to build a good compatibility, strong open standards.

Fourth, to the establishment of the times, the standard mechanism for ongoing improvement."Construction Guide" is based on the current characteristics of intelligent manufacturing technology and understanding of intelligent manufacturing were prepared, but intelligent manufacturing system is a huge dynamic development of intelligent manufacturing industry knowledge will be a deepening process.

With intelligent manufacturing technology, industrial development, new models are emerging new formats, intelligent manufacturing standards will be dynamically adjusted and improved plan every 2--3 years of "building guidelines" be revised. Vigorously promote the establishment of standard intelligent manufacturing systems, has introduced key industries intelligent manufacturing standards and take the lead in "China 2025" ten key areas to achieve a breakthrough. 2020, and strive to establish a better standard of intelligent manufacturing systems, basically based on common standards and full coverage of key technical standards and manufacturing areas of the whole application.

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