Operation and maintenance of wind power on "wisdom" of the times

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According to Bloomberg New Energy Finance released a research report predicts that by 2022, China wind farm operation and maintenance costs will increase to $ 3 billion a year between 2015 and 2022, Chinese wind farm operation and maintenance expenses, or up to a total of $ 16 billion.

Calculated in accordance with the warranty period of five years, in recent years a large number of wind turbines will have been out of warranty.

Industry experts worked out an economic accounts. Single wind turbine in full-fat income of about 160 million, but if a major accident, such as a major gearbox failure, which may exceed the sum of the replacement cost of a million dollars. If such losses occurred during the warranty period, but for the owners it is "worse."

Costly repairs derived from the huge market profits, now includes developers, manufacturers and third-party companies, and other companies are actively preparing for the operation and maintenance, grazing want this "big cake."


The degree of importance maintenance of the transport industry continues to heat up


Wind power project development process, fans can play out in the best performance during rated operation is one of the key factors to measure wind farm investment success.

To do this, in addition to the fan itself has a relatively good quality, the operating life cycle of its more critical maintenance.

Operation and maintenance of the global wind power market, Europe and North America due to the development of wind power earlier, coupled with mature market economy has accumulated a lot of experience of its operation and maintenance market.

Operation and maintenance of wind power in the US market, for example, data from the US installed capacity of wind power in operation about 66 GW, of which about 4 GW device is expected to begin using the contract expires in 2015, operation and maintenance of the huge market potential.

On the Select operation and maintenance strategy, the project owner to renew the contract when assessing the selection, first look to the original equipment manufacturer.

Some companies turning to independent service providers they believe will turn to independent service providers can save more costs.

In addition, some said they would consider borne operation and maintenance services, but for access to spare parts and components of the risk of failure of these two important obstacles still in the consideration stage.

In contrast, China's wind power development in the operation and maintenance market Datang New Energy Research Institute party secretary and executive vice president of seedlings spring following the opinion, is still in the early stages of a passive operation and maintenance, mainly in terms of maintenance and spare parts. From the current situation, developers, machine operators, third parties in the future market will be in a state of long-term coexistence.

China's current market, wind power machine manufacturing enterprises seem to occupy certain inherent advantages.

Select the appropriate time for maintenance work after the wind power machine manufacturers, in addition to running the fan-like conditions in a better understanding of the performance, but also by analyzing the data of the fan running.

In fact, the wind technology as early as 2005 on the establishment of specialized in wind power services company, asset operation and maintenance of wind farms and the whole life cycle and achieved good results.

In addition, other wind turbine manufacturers such as Mingyang Wind Power, Dongfang Electric, etc. have set up a special subsidiary responsible for operation and maintenance, rules and layout future operation and maintenance of the wind power market.

In addition to wind turbine manufacturers, the operation and maintenance of wind power from the important market shares of the other wind developers.

By pre-staking, a number of large wind developers have been completed in the wind power industry layout. Based on the high cost of operation and maintenance of wind power under the premise of the central enterprises capitalized developers, relying on available resources, the whole industry chain, from development to manufacturing and then parts of the device formed by the late operation and maintenance of wind power to become the market leader.

At present, many wind power developers have set up an independent operation and maintenance companies, such as China Longyuan Power Group's Beijing joint creation of wind power in the energy and technology companies Datang Group, Datang New Energy experiments in the operation and maintenance markets are doing well .

Beijing Certification Center relevant person in charge, although the central enterprises have their own advantages, but often ignore the existence of the technical flaws, such as wind farms fans a wide range of models, technical requirements are not the same, need time to build a relatively complete system operation and maintenance program .

Compared with the previous two, the third-party company appears to be missing a priori "golden spoon." It is understood that the third Fang Yunwei service currently on the market share of a very small, according to preliminary statistics, there are currently more than 90 third Fang Yunwei companies active in the market, of which more than half over the past few years into the operation and maintenance market, the fierce market competition has forced low level of technology, capital does not have the advantage of the company gradually we withdraw from the market.


Big Data use hot


Recent industry conferences and corporate events is not difficult to find, Internet, cloud computing and big data, words are frequently mentioned.

With the influx of these hot words, the major companies are using the Internet thinking, integration of industry big progressive realization of intelligent data to help wind power companies more cost savings.

It is understood that the use of large areas of the main data focus on data collation and analysis of weather reports, geospatial, satellite images and other structured and unstructured.

Based on the detection and data mining technology, operation and maintenance of large data system can cause problems promptly eliminate hidden dangers and develop Correspondingly, operation and maintenance strategy. Thus, the operation and maintenance of wind power costs to the ideal price range, improve power generation efficiency.

However, the predictive operation and maintenance of wind power is often associated with the realization of a large wind farm operating data is closely related platform software solutions is one of the inevitable trend of future development.

In fact, large data already in the field of wind power contribution.

Foreign wind power giant Vestas, GE and other wind power companies have accumulated years of experience, domestic companies such as vision but also with intelligent control, intelligent sensing, cloud computing, big data and energy management techniques, and actively promote the wisdom of changes in the traditional energy sector.

In GE, for example, the company's Internet technology industry energy industry extends forward. The problem appears to prompt the sensor device can run data collection to the fan installed on the remote monitoring center via the Internet industry.

According to real-time data to achieve operational parameters shared between fans. The company launched Powerup technology, but also real-time adjustment of speed, torque, etc. to effectively improve the efficiency and performance of the power generation capacity on the basis of the original increase of 5%, equivalent to a 20% increase for the wind farm profits.

In addition to GE such international wind power industry giants, but also insight into the vision of the energy market. Vision launched the wisdom wind energy management platform through the wind turbine, wind towers and booster stations and other remote monitoring equipment to meet the wind farm operators for its wind farm portfolio monitoring requirements, greatly enhance the wind farm the total cost of operation and maintenance.

In addition, through its wind power Green cloud management platform, including the public will be able to weather data and wind farm design data, a number of centralized data integration, the establishment of a wider range of data connections and gain better business value.

As industry experts said, with big data predictive maintenance such wind farm operation and maintenance had "revolutionary" subversion. Based on the massive data analysis and insight into the future of intelligent robots as the fan, will gradually toward the cognitive computing forward.

In addition, together with the standardization and specialization gradually promote wind power operation and maintenance management, the future of wind power operation and maintenance services are gradually transition to the prevention of and the direction of predictability, but based on after wind big data market will become the core of the wind power business competition .

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