Thirteen Five of the 100 major projects, more than 8 percent and equipment manufacturing, information about industry

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China's tenth Five-Year Plan is a reflection of three national strategic intent, the draft outline contained in 100 major projects and projects for the next five years China plans to implement.


They involve science and technology, equipment manufacturing, agriculture, environment, transportation, energy, talent, culture and education, will have a profound impact on all aspects of China's economy, society and people's livelihood, will bring great opportunities to the international community.

Among them, the blue font is directly related to the equipment manufacturing and information industries.

1, aircraft engines and gas turbines.

2, deep-space station.

3, quantum communication and quantum computers.

4, Brain Science and Research category.

5, the national security in cyberspace.

6, deep space exploration and space vehicles in orbit servicing and maintenance systems.

7, the seed industry innovation.

8, clean and efficient use of coal.

9, earth integrated information network.

10, focusing on development of new materials and applications.

11, a group of scientists set up a studio in the field of scientific research advantages.

12 key disciplines in the field of culture to support a group of young talents.

13, 10000 versed in the culture of strategic planning, capital operation, quality management, human resource management, accounting and legal expertise of business management personnel.

14, the introduction of about 10,000 high-level overseas talent to return innovation and entrepreneurship (China), about 10 000 to support the selection of the badly needed domestic high-level personnel.

15, every year one million high-level training, and badly needed backbone of professional and technical personnel.

16, the country built a number of skills to master studio, 1200 high-skill training base, training 1000 highly skilled personnel.

17, built to high standards to ensure that 8 million hectares of farmland, and strive to 10 million hectares.

18, building national germplasm collection and preservation and research system. Construction of national education seed production base in Hainan, Gansu, Sichuan, and 100 regional breeding base.

19, new efficient water-saving irrigation area of ​​100 million mu.

20, the construction of 500 full mechanization demonstration counties, the comprehensive mechanization rate of the main crops farming income reached about 70%.

21, the implementation of the "Internet +" modern agriculture.

22, to establish traceability of agricultural products quality and safety supervision information system.

23, and "Hundred Counties Ten Thousand Villages" in rural secondary and tertiary industries integration development of pilot and demonstration projects.

24, to accelerate the development of large aircraft.

25, and the development of a new generation of heavy launch vehicles, satellites, space platforms and new payload.

26, the development of deep-sea exploration, ocean drilling, exploitation of seabed resources, maritime security operations and other equipment and systems. Promote the deep space station, a large floating structures and the development of engineering.

27, developed a new generation of high-speed, heavy-duty rail transportation equipment systems.

28. Development of high-end CNC machine tools.

29, to develop industrial robots, service robots, surgical robots and military robots. Artificial intelligence technology in various fields to promote business.

30, adapt to the development of various tillage advanced agricultural products.

31. Development of nuclear medicine imaging equipment, superconducting magnetic resonance imaging system, non-invasive ventilation and other high-performance medical devices.

32, the development and application of traditional Chinese medicine characteristics and advantages of having a medical device.

33, development of advanced chemical complete sets of equipment.

34, IC foster industrial system, foster artificial intelligence, intelligent hardware, the new display, mobile intelligent terminal, the fifth generation of mobile communication (5G), advanced sensors and wearable devices have become a new growth point.

35, accelerate genomics and other large-scale application of biotechnology.

36, accelerated Compass, commercial applications of remote sensing satellites.

37, the development of energy storage and distributed energy.

38, to develop a shape memory alloy, self-healing materials, intelligent materials, graphene nano-materials, super-high-end materials and other functional materials.

39, the national new energy automobile production and sales total 5,000,000.

40, the construction of high-speed large-capacity optical communication transmission systems.

41, building networking applications infrastructure and service platforms.

42, support for public cloud services platform, the layout of cloud computing and large data centers. Guizhou and other large data push comprehensive experimental zone construction.

43, accelerate the construction of national unity e-government network applications.

44, to create international e-commerce channels.

45, build the national network security and confidentiality technical support system.

46, high-speed railway operating mileage of 30,000 km, covering more than 80 percent of the city.

47, accelerate the construction of the national highway network. Newly rebuilt highway mileage of about 30,000 km.

48, the construction of the Sichuan-Tibet railway border railway.

49, built the new Beijing airport. Added more than 50 civil transport airports.

50, and vigorously promote the Shanghai, Tianjin, Dalian, Xiamen and other international shipping center. Increase port intelligent level.

51, the construction of urban agglomeration traffic circle.

52, the new urban rail transit operating mileage of about 3,000 kilometers.

53, all villages direct mail.

54, accelerate the construction of car networking, networking boat.

55, to promote driving automation, digitization and facilities run Wisdom.

56, the construction of intelligent and efficient power system.

57, coal-fired units for the full implementation of ultra-low emissions and energy saving.

58, started construction of conventional hydropower 60 million kilowatts.

59, operation of nuclear power installed capacity reached 58 million kilowatts under construction reach 30 million kilowatts or more.

60, push tight oil, oil sands, deepwater oil exploration and development and comprehensive utilization of oil shale.

61, the construction of hydropower bases and large coal bases outside the transmission channel.

62, completed the second phase of the National Petroleum Reserve. Expand the size of reserves of natural uranium.

63, the effective irrigation area of ​​more than 10 million mu.

64, the construction of Yellow River to Hebei fill Lake, River to Huaihe River, cited Han to the Wei, Yunnan diversion, Yindajihuang, cited Chuo economic Liaoning and many other major water diversion project. Promoting South - East Middle subsequent projects.

65, Lalo construction in Tibet, Zhu Xi, Zhejiang, Fujian huokou, Heilongjiang struggle, Hunan Mangshan, Yunnan Argonne and other large reservoirs.

66, the construction of the West River Datengxia, shop Huaihe mountains, Xinjiang and other Al Tash Basin Project controlling.

67, the basic completion of the basin area of ​​3000 square kilometers and more than 244 important river management.

68, about 100 million to promote agricultural transfer of population and other resident population in towns. Accelerate the shantytown of about 100 million people living in villages and transformation. Guide about 1 million people in the nearby towns of the Midwest.

69, fostered a number of functional improvement, distinctive newborn small and medium cities.

70, the development of distinctive resources, location advantages and cultural heritage of the small town.

71, an exemplary construction of a number of new smart city. Construction of a number of exemplary green city, Ecological Garden City, Forest City.

72, the construction of sponge cities.

73, construction of underground pipe gallery (net).

74, rural water supply coverage reached 80%.

75, the implementation of major projects of special type of development areas.

76, in Jiaozhou Bay, Liaodong Bay, Bohai and Hangzhou Bay, Hap Mun Bay, North Bay, etc. to carry out comprehensive water pollution control and environmental remediation.

77, breaking the "underwater One" deep experimental platform to build key technology.

78, in the New Arctic cooperation shore stations, new research station in the Antarctic, the new advanced icebreaker to enhance the ability of Antarctic aviation.

79, and gradually form a three-dimensional view of the Global Ocean (monitoring) measurement system.

80, the implementation of key water project monitoring unit.

81, the construction of 50 industrial waste utilization industrial base.

82, comprehensive industrial pollution discharge standards.

83, the new 45 billion cubic meters of gas to replace coal-fired boilers 189 000 tons of steam.

84, the source of rivers and 378 water quality at or better than Class III rivers, lakes and the implementation of strict protection.

85, to carry out 1000 hectares of contaminated land governing repairing and 4000 acres of arable land contamination risk control.

86, the construction of low-level radioactive waste disposal site 5 and a high-level radioactive waste underground laboratory.

87, to promote the ecological restoration of governance related to national Plateau, the Loess Plateau ecological security and other core areas.

88, the construction of large-scale ecological protection of green spaces and green corridors connecting various ecological space.

89, to promote the comprehensive development of border areas homeland, protection and remediation.

90, the new control soil erosion area of ​​270,000 square kilometers. National wetland area not less than 8 million hectares.

91, the development of specialized industries, more than 30 million people out of poverty. Development of service export, 10 million people to achieve the transfer of employment poverty. On the "side soil support person is not" about 10 million poor people in the region to implement easily relocated.

92, Reconstruction in one million kilometers of rural roads.

93, so that poor families could not early studies of high school graduates can receive vocational education. All eligible poor families into low range.

94, compulsory school standardization. Implementation of high school education universal relief program. Strengthening the construction of inclusive kindergartens.

95, focusing on a number of universities and a number of disciplines into the world-class ranks.

96, to promote and build "along the way" education action.

97 major chronic premature mortality by 10%. Each county key 1-2 run county public hospitals. 30 minutes to create a circle of primary care services.

98, youth physical compliance rate of 95%.

99, the implementation of Chinese ancient books protection plan.

100, speaks good Chinese story building team.

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