Anhui Yung known Nisshin Gulf region to participate in the thirteenth General Assembly Operations

Number of visits: Date:2015-11-18

November 17, 2015, the thirteenth Gulf operation and maintenance of the General Assembly in the city of Cairo, Egypt's star Intercontinental Hotel was held, more than 600 representatives from more than 50 countries around the world and the Gulf region attended the meeting. Anhui Technology Co., Ltd. Yung-known NEW invited to attend the meeting, and in Egypt, local time, on November 18 issued a "how to enhance the operational efficiency of electrical equipment - intelligent operation and maintenance program," the theme of sharing.


Overseas Department Xie Ying Yung-known company in the field on behalf of the keynote Share


President of the Conference organizers for the conference speakers presented commemorative medals


The conference attracting much attention, a number of government officials and the President of the Bay Area device industry associations around the world have attended the meeting. Surrounding reduce operating costs, improve equipment operating efficiency topics, experts and scholars from around the world, respectively, from the power generating industry, oil industry, water desalination and other industries discusses how to use Internet technology to the actual device management to help companies reduce risk and cost, enhance efficiency. At the same time, a number of experts also mentioned about the device operation and maintenance of the future, the idea of people more and more after engaging repair or regular maintenance to predictive maintenance shift predict equipment life cycle, although a long road, but with the continuous development of technology, the road will be getting brighter.



Egyptian former Prime Minister DR. ESSAM SHARAF attend the opening ceremony and delivered a speech


In addition to attending meetings, capacity-known Nisshin also brought equipment operation and maintenance of advanced information technology products and solutions.

Staff at the exhibition site and embattled Arabic translation

Staff explain the value of the product to the customer


Smart Wireless solutions customers showed great interest


This is the first time Yung-known Nisshin meeting and exhibition in the Gulf region, which is the industry's first interoperable exchange of new technology, capacity-known tolerance is renewed spirit, the unity of knowledge purpose and hope from a similar exchange learn some foreign experience and ideas to China, known as the Nisshin future product development capacity of reference and the contents of known Nisshin also hope that through such a smart way to other countries to make a little sacrifice operation and maintenance.



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