Year off Nie Weihua: the pursuit of "Let the public interest better."

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Year off Nie Weihua:

Seek "to make public the better."

This article Source: Economic Daily Weekly record 15th edition November 16
Reporter white starfish correspondent Tao Shuai


Nie Weihua (left) and his partners in the remote diagnostic center

Spacious studio, dozens of engineers glued to a vibration waveform diagram on a computer screen, a label different color banners on the walls on the giant map of China, on behalf of the real-time monitoring system health goals, green, healthy, red the highest alarm level. Here it is a remote diagnostic center Anhui Yung-known new company, relying on cloud computing and big data technology, where you can remotely monitor more than 8,000 sets of large-scale distribution of the country's industrial machinery and equipment. As a new company known brain capacity entire customer service system, huge amounts of data in this together, through intelligent screening, analysis and sorting, a diagnostic report parts formed here and timely feedback to industrial customers.

National "double hit" Week Hefei launch venue


Yung known Rixin, general manager Nie Weihua, speaking as a representative of the customer record


October 19 morning, in the 2015 national "double hit" Week Hefei launching ceremony venue, Nie Weihua scene as the sole representative of the customer record, and share business experience and experience. In 1996 he graduated from university would start a business, start a fast food takeaway. But due to lack of experience, failed after six months, turned south to Guangzhou to seek development. Five or six years he gradually grown into a professional manager, again entrepreneurial dream in my heart has been brewing. In 2003, he aimed at the industrial equipment condition monitoring field, the creation of a new company known capacity, the introduction of advanced enterprise management, and steadily promote the development of enterprises. Over the past decade, he experienced when spirited brilliant, also experienced enormous difficulties when losses along the way and always adhere to technical innovation-led business development.

Turning to technological innovation, Nie Weihua enraptured. He told the "Economic Daily" reporters, after a year of hard work, the company's intelligent all wireless products are immediately released, as capacity-known new company fully developed competitive products, to achieve a number of technical innovations. "Our pursuit is to make the industry better." Nie Weihua said.

"From Xinjiang to Shandong, from Heilongjiang to Yunnan, I traveled to many industrial field, I found that both wind farms, mills or mines, many companies are still using cable products for equipment monitoring, field wiring and line maintenance and repair difficulties always restricted areas and life use of the product. "Nie Weihua told reporters, newly developed all-wireless data acquisition products, using advanced explosion-proof design, suitable for petrochemical, power equipment on-line monitoring and fault diagnosis, the battery pack design and industrial equipment operation matches the usage policy, effectively improve the service life, in which low-frequency acceleration sensor and a vibration sensor can collaborate unsteady line monitoring of industrial equipment, product performance indicators are part of the overall domestic top level.

Yung known Nisshin intelligent all-wireless monitoring system

"We do monitor the equipment industry a decade, a few years ago I would Preparatory full wireless product development, because after encountering wireless transmission, battery power and some key technical problems, set aside some time from the start of the project in 2014 again , to now successfully developed products, while undergoing a second failure, but in the end we won this tough battle. smart wireless products are suitable for the whole lot can not be wired monitoring industrial equipment, we are the first in the industry. "Nie Weihua said.
Decade sword. Nie Weihua frankly, if not years, has always insisted on technological innovation, if it is to ensure that every year more than 15% of revenue in research and development, I am afraid this whole wireless products just stop at the company's research and development program documentation. He told reporters, insisted in the field of "Internet + industry" deep down, the company will be able to place in the "factory of the future", the will be able to achieve "Let industry better" vision.

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