Yung known Nisshin management Assembly held in 2016

Number of visits: Date:2016-01-21

January 20 afternoon, the capacity to know Nisshin Howard Johnson hotel in 2016 and held management conferences, meetings with "dream, struggle, breakthrough" as the theme, in 2015, a comprehensive summary of management experience, in-depth analysis of the situation in 2016 and based on the task of science to determine the ideas and measures for 2016 operations. Nie Weihua, chairman of the company affirmed the achievements made in 2015, in his speech, on the capacity of the hard work to pay Appreciating gratitude.

At the meeting, Executive Vice President, Executive Committee of the Board on behalf of the main Renzhou Jun accepted the chairman Nie Weihua issued 2016 business objectives, each department director of the company have been speaking. Conference awarded outstanding employees Award, in recognition of the outstanding performance of 21 advanced individual work in 2015.


Nie Weihua, chairman of speech

2016 business objectives release ceremony

Outstanding Staff

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