"Dream struggle breakthrough" - Yung Knowing gathered a total of Spring Festival

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January 21, 2016 NEW Yung-known New Year Meeting was held in Hefei Swan Lake Hotel, sorority programs brilliant climax after another, the scene is full of warmth and vitality, small partners together for 2015, together tell past laughter and moved to a new confident and looking forward to 2016.

As the Internet industry pioneer, the new year will continue cultivating tolerance known Nisshin condition monitoring, diagnostics and intelligent cloud services, with struggle and breakthrough keep close to our dreams, we are committed to making life more happy and better industrial .


Opening evening program

"Harvest and Prospects" VCR

Nie Weihua, chairman of a New Year speech

Dance "great artists"

Song "And you at least."

Song "The Wind That Shakes the Barley"

Song medley "when"

Part of the game: couplet

"Yung-known second generation" classic reading

Pieces "customer, your satisfaction? "

Dance "Little Lovers"

Part of the game: stilts

Chorus: Run

Guitar playing and singing "Huafangguniang"

Ensemble: "instant"

Show "exaggerated courage"

Dance: "youth practicing manual"

Through the drama "Mi months after the transfer."

Performance: Sichuan Opera face

The cast and crew

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