Basketball tribe New Year Challenge: the main absence, lost horse brand

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February 29 afternoon, the great promise of the basketball court, lighted, while the horse licensing team is being trained, while the captain Wang Zhen Rong known bow pace. This is 15 minutes before the game, Ma licensing team members had gathered, came the sound of feeding training, full momentum. Wang Zhen Spiritual depression, due to work today, players can not attend training in advance, some of the main players can not even participate in the competition, the strength disparity, this war is very difficult.


Zheng Yuwei breaking ball

18:10, punctual referee whistle, five basketball hero from the tribe composed of container known team VS team in the German horse brand tire Li Ning basketball court stadium launched a wonderful game. The game the two teams are fierce, running, passing, shooting, recount. Yung-known team in the absence of the main, in the case of restricted almost fall several times to seize the opportunity, sometimes courageously break, sometimes sudden exceptionally cast, the score bite very tight. But with the horse brand team repeatedly lightning comeback, expanding advantages, Yung-known team eventually lost.


Wang Zhen jumper

After the game captain Wang Zhen is very relaxed, he said before the game's tension is necessary, horse brand team are very strong, capacity-known team must go all out, but this result is not unexpected, a real game level It is success. He will be regarded as a race horse card exchanges and learn from, horse brand is a typical German industrial companies, their basketball team must also inherited the spirit of the corporate culture at the tide of the industrial age 4.0, is to learn from them and collision a good experience.


Xu Hui jumper

Horse brand team to fight back

Photo two players

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