Diagnosis service types  
Monthly inspection report: Monthly machine health condition  
  evaluation for positioning fault parts,analyzing fault origin, judging  
  machine fault severity and scientifically predicting machine life circle;  
Machine fault diagnosis report: when there is machine alarm during  
    daily operation,diagnosis report shall be issued to give overhaul advise on fault position, fault origin, follow-up degradation path etc;
On-site overhaul verification service: for machine faults diagnosed  
  by experts, we can send staff to on-site, helping clients to verify the faults, accelerate the fault elimination and realize fault closed-loop management;  
Off-line inspection analysis service:For abnormal machines  
    designated by clients, we can send diagnosis experts for field inspection and fault diagnosis service. Meanwhile we could offer service of field alignment and balancing;
 Customized diagnosis service.  

Diagnosis service features

    Strict diagnosis service assessment quantitative standards;
  24 hours service;
  For different machine types, RONDS experts apply customized acquisition
    strategy and intelligent storage of valuable data to guarantee the data quality ;
  High quality data acquisition is only the first step.In order to realize accurate
    diagnosis, RONDS integrates R&D team leading by doctorial supervisors from top universities. RONDS launched the advanced intelligent alarm system, by full monitoring of machine index, guaranteed the detection of machinery abnormal operation and positioned abnormal components automatically. At last, diagnosis experts will analyze the fault origin, make sure the accurate diagnostic conclusion.
 In order to help machine maintenancestaff learning machine condition at any

time and improve operation and interaction efficiency, RONDS provides machine condition intelligent push service. For machines under online monitoring, via customized APP, clients can browse machine real-time condition in mobile phone/pad, and other mobile devices.

  Diagnosis Team  
more than 20 years experience industry and first class diagnosis  
    team with international category II and III certificates are the core for guaranteeing diagnosis service quality and strong support of machine fault precise analysis;
multiple types and thousands of machines monitoring experience,  
    massive data analysis, thousands of successful cases accumulation, and  hundreds of clients signed positive feedback are our diagnosis service starting point
Innovative intelligent alarm algorithm and comprehensive alarm  
    system make sure the efficient capture of machine abnormality. All of our efforts are to make sure machine assets are well monitored, help clients to realize predictive maintenance, reduce cost, and avoid accidents.